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Electrical Safety from Trinergy

As one of the premier electrical companies in the region, Trinergy have over 14 years’ experience providing first rate services to domestic and commercial customers across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Electrical Inspection

Our expert team of electricians all hold accreditation from the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC), meaning we are fully qualified to perform electrical safety checks within any residential, commercial or industrial property, ensuring the on-going safety for residents and staff.

These tests are a legal requirement that help all premises meet building regulations, and Trinergy provide a range of inspections and checks to the highest standard.

Domestic Installation Certificates

Every electrical item installed in a property must hold a full and valid Domestic Installation Certificate to prove its operational safety, as required by Building Regulations. Verification of these certificates may be required when selling your home.

Domestic Minor Works Certificates

Mainly necessary for small scale installations and alterations to electrical appliances and systems, Domestic Minor Works Certificates hold electricians accountable for all work they have carried out. This includes all fitting of, or changes to, appliances, rewiring, lighting systems and more, proving that all work has been performed in accordance with safety standards.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

A common inspection that is carried out across all electrical appliances, PAT testing checks for safe operation of equipment to avoid the risk of faults and potential fire or electrocution hazards. This is particularly important (and legally required) certification for employees and licence holders of commercial properties to hold.

Periodic Inspection Report / Electrical Installation Condition Report

A complete check of all electrical systems and appliances within a property, a PIR/EICR inspects elements in detail, looking for wiring deficiencies, incorrect earthing or bonding, outlet overloading and any other potentially hazardous issues with electrical fittings.

It’s important to check these systems periodically, as even the best electrical installations can become unsafe over time. Homeowners are advised to have a PIR/EICR inspection at least once every ten years, while landlords and letting agents are expected to perform them more regularly – usually every 5 years, or during a changeover of tenancy.

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